Grab it, and it'll automatically play. Hack the El Ammo Bandito near the Gatherer's Garden, then reenter the diner. Stock up on Heavy Rivets and First Aid Kits. There's a First Aid Kit in this room. You'll find some Dollars, a soggy bag of Potato Chips, a few lootable Lockers, and a Circus of Values. Conveniently, there's several bottles of alcohol in the back room. It can be activated when you use Electro Bolt on her. The hacked Turret should do most of the Splicer-killing work. Now ask the Little Sister to lead you to her next "job". To summarize the entire situation, here are a few key facts: Years ago, Andrew Ryan saw Sofia Lamb as a threat to Rapture. Macintosh PC PlayStation 3 Macintosh Nintendo Switch PC PlayStation 4. Notes: The “Keen Observer” Gene Tonic is a must-equip Gene Tonic since it speeds up Research progress, thus granting you Research bonuses earlier. The main difference between the two approaches is that “Rescuing” tends to spread the ADAM distribution somewhat thin until the second Little Sister Gift shows up while “Harvesting” gives a steady flow of ADAM across the entire game. Zap it with Electro Bolt to kill it. This indirectly reduces how often you'll need to use First Aid Kits. Gatherer's Gardens are vending machines that sell Plasmids and Gene Tonics. By Andre Segers … Upon entering the actual hotel, you'll be ambushed by several Splicers. Subjects that can be filmed are outlined in gold. Activating the airlock will also unlock your first achievement of the game: Found your way back into the ruins of Rapture. Exit this room and keep following the tracks past the family display. To the right of the “artist” exhibit is a path that leads you into a watery area downstairs. The roof has a First Aid Kit on it. "Decoy 2" Plasmid. Effect: You emit a burst of fire when struck with melee attacks. This walkthrough for BioShock 2 [PC] has been posted at 24 Dec 2009 by Cena147 and is called "FAQ/Walkthrough". The kitchen contains a lootable Refrigerator, a lootable Stove, and an EVE Hypo. Try to make the oxygen tank explode; this'll do a lot of damage to her. There's also some .50 Caliber Rounds on a bed near a barricade. Try to hack it in the blue areas of the gauge to get a damage bonus from it. Back at the diner, a Brute Splicer will attack you. Return to the ride now. During battle, Big Sisters utilize a variety of attacks. Pass through here and enter the hallway beyond. Along the path is a Rosie corpse, a Rivet Gun, a lootable Storage Crate, and an Audio Diary. Max Plasmid Slots Just past it is a crate on the left, on top of which is audio log 23/100 - Lamb the Problem, Sinclair the Solution. You'll come to a broken and sparking sign on the wall that says "This Way". Bioshock 2 Remastered Walkthrough (Hard, No Damage, All Collectibles) 09 INNER PERSEPHONE by patologTV. Now, head up the stairs near the Vita-Chamber and El Ammo Bandito. Effect: Permanently increases your maximum Health capacity. Once you pick up the Shotgun, you'll be rushed by a mob of Splicers. On the bed in Grace's bedroom is an Audio Diary. Loot the room and then board the train. For now, the diner itself just contains some food and alcohol. It was the scientists and surgeons of Ryan Industries whom bonded you with young Eleanor. In this case, equipping both the “Armored Shell” Gene Tonic and the “Armored Shell 2” Gene Tonic makes you significantly more durable. Back at the ride's entrance, look in the back corner of the room to see a small room behind a now-accessible door. Our guide to BioShock 2 contains a detailed walkthrough of the games nine levels, with every Audio Diary (all 129 of them) and weapon upgrade statio.. Full Guide . Grace then opens the door, sneering at you to “finish the job.”. If you die, they'll just return after a bit to resume attacking you. As for Grace herself, you have a choice to make. Once it's dead and looted, hack the nearby Circus of Values. Hack it, then start down the dark hallway behind the planter. Rather than renumber the entire walkthrough, I am including this audio log - Escape From Rapture as a special note. Crouch through the hole to see a Door Control panel. Locate the El Ammo Bandito machine just to the right and hack it (Prolific Hacker 6/8). Loot the train station, then follow the Quest Arrow up to a Door Control panel. Next, head down the path to your right to find a lootable Storage Crate, an Audio Diary, an EVE Hypo, and a Shotgun. In the back-left corner of the exhibit is a golf club. Our guide to BioShock 2 contains a detailed walkthrough of the games nine levels, with every Audio Diary (all 129 of them) and weapon upgrade statio.. Full Guide . Upgrade the damage output of your Machine Gun. Hack it. Kill and loot them all. Remove the poster and press the Hidden Switch behind it. On the floor next to the mattress is audio log 10/100 - What Happened to the People. Enter this apartment. On the other side of this door, across a catwalk, is a Turret. Hack all three machines. Facing the couch is a small table, on top of which is audio log 21/100 - "Child" and Guardian. Loot in hand, return to the Gatherer's Garden where you bought Incinerate! “Fire” your camera at the Thuggish Splicer to start filming it. Otherwise, the game's ending will be a mess. That Eleanor sure is a great gal. Head through the newly opened door right next to the Little Sister's "work project" and immediately on your left you will see a mannequin of a familiar person (if you played the first game). Notes: As the game progresses, Plasmids will cost more EVE. for iPhone and iPad. Drop down to the museum's lower floor. Walkthrough. There will be a much better place later on, and you will have much better equipment and abilities by then. Follow the hallway all the way back to the Gatherer's Garden and purchase the Incinerate Plasmid, and anything else you want. In the back of this exhibit is a lootable Storage Crate and some Dollars. When you exit Ryan Amusements to the courtyard area with the big wrecked clock in the middle, look for the Circus of Value vending machine. You'll find yourself in a very large room containing a place known as “The Fishbowl Diner.” If you bring up your map, you'll see that the meat of Pauper's Drop is sliced into four quadrants. Attacking her while she is draining a Splicer will cause her to drop her victim. Keep strafing and attacking to eventually prevail. The top-left quadrant is the Diner area. Continue along the path until you reach the “Conformity & Co.” exhibit. Effect: Further reduces the prices of items in hacked vending machines. I'll detail these rewards upon the first opportunity to film the enemy in question. Once you enter the area, a Brute Splicer will attack you alongside some Thuggish Splicers. Notes: I like this Gene Tonic since you're usually hacking hostile machines that are shooting at you. Help us fix it by posting in its. Next The Atlantic Express Prev bioshock2 Guide. Sinclair tells you to find a “genetic research camera” in the downtown pawn shop. This guide will have a bio for every Plasmid and Gene Tonic, including the ones sold at Gatherer's Gardens. Follow the Quest Arrow past the Gatherer's Garden and into the downtown area. You'll need to set up Trap Rivets along the walls. Head through and use a dart to hack the camera (Prolific Hacker 4/8) you can see through the window ahead. Now travel around the circular train track path until you see "WE WILL BE REBORN" painted in white on a red brick wall. Return to the rooftop now. BioShock 2 Wiki Guide. She will then approach the window and recount the event of young Eleanor's sudden disappearance from under her watch. Game Guides & Walkthroughs. LEVEL DETAILS: Audio Diaries: 7. Near the Turret is a lootable Storage Crate and some 00 Buck for the Shotgun that you'll find soon. Enter the train room and check the bench to the left of the train for audio log 13/100 - The Situation. During the ADAM-gathering process, you'll see a progress bar on the left side of the screen. Enter this building. Save the game, then face the ADAM Corpse. Grab the Gene Tonic from the little red gift wagon straight ahead. The Thuggish Splicer will break open the doors and attack. Once the Turret is hacked, advance further into the room to see an ADAM Corpse next to an Audio Diary. Head back through the now open door and take a right. As another ranged attack, a Big Sister will use an advanced form of Telekinesis to lift every nearby object around them, pull them towards her and fire them at you, with the amount of damage depending on the size of the object. Hacking this Security Camera will make it sic some Security Bots onto the Leadhead Splicer. If you do die, just reload your save and try again. Face the ice, then use Incinerate! Bioshock 2 Game Guide & Walkthrough. On the dresser, you'll find some Trap Rivets and an Audio Diary. On the desk is a First Aid Kit, an EVE Hypo, and some Dollars. Exit Hall of the Future and head straight across and enter the Gift Shop. Back in the halls, look nearby to see a shrine being guarded by a Security Camera. Therefore, we're going to do a sequence-break to obtain the Research Camera a bit sooner than what the game expects. Continue down this hallway until you reach a Vita-Chamber. When Grace tried to hold young Eleanor, you attacked her and broke her jaw. You'll have to find an alternate point of entry. A small plus mark will appear on the icon if a type of attack is especially effective. Turn around and use your new “Incinerate!” Plasmid on the oil slick in front of you. While she's stunned, you can shoot at her and/or get to safer ground. Hack it to open the way. Back in the main hallway, inch forward to see a Splicer kneeling in a puddle of water. You start with four open Gene Tonic Slots. While they're in the water, you can zap them with Electro Bolt for massive damage. Hit it, then descend the nearby flights of stairs, killing the Leadhead Splicer along the way. Jump onto the ledge of the balcony where you currently are, then jump across to the far balcony. As with other Splicers, they run towards Health Stations when close to death. Walk over to Fontaine Clinics and look below the Keypad to see a glowing Audio Diary. Effect: The Hacking Needle moves slightly slower. Follow the hallway to the room with the train car. This Gatherer's Garden has a different selection than the first one. Each Little Sister is good for only two ADAM-gathering sessions. To find it, exit the airlock out into the ocean and turn immediately left. Lastly, the Big Sister will create an expanding visible ring of force that will damage you when it hits. Enter the gap in the wall next to it and go upstairs. Spend some money while you're at it. Hack it from afar. Location: Received for completing Research Level 4 for Security Devices. This “reflection ring” has a relatively short distance, so you can move to avoid this attack. Deviating from this will make a mess of the game's ending. There's also an ADAM Corpse nearby. Effect: Slightly increases the Research score while using the Research Camera. This will open a secret path to your left. Loot the room, then head back to the museum. Researching enemies yield bonuses such as increased damage against that enemy, or even certain Gene Tonics. Record the event with your camera, then kill the Rosie. With every four Little Sisters that you Rescue, you'll receive a Little Sister Gift that contains some ADAM and some Dollars. The new type of Splicer, the Brute Splicer, will drop some rubble onto the path, blocking it. I will let you know when. For reasons I'll explain soon, I'm going to tell you the code now. A no brainer, but missable if one never … The ride was designed to scare Rapture's citizens into thinking that the surface was a horrible, oppressive world and that Rapture would be tainted if anyone on the surface learned of the city's existence. Enter a wooden door to a small office area and pick up audio log 22/100 - You, Me, and 1959 off the desk. Loot the bodies, then proceed into the actual “Hall of the Future” exhibit. Download Game Guide PDF, ePUB & iBooks. There's a lot of backtracking in BioShock… - Level Two (100): Able to pick up Splicers frozen with Winter Blast 2. He will not attack you unless provoked, so if the Little Sister is not present just wait for him to call her. As you enter this apartment, you'll see open doorways to both your left and to your right. Somehow, young Eleanor got abducted and turned into your Little Sister. The game warns you that the ADAM-gathering process takes time and attracts Splicers. Strafing around them decreases their accuracy. Location: For free in The Limbo Room of Pauper's Drop. Be sure and hack the broken turret in this room so it can help you out. Proceed through the dining room, through the flaming kitchen, and into the store room to find audio log 9/100 - Ryan vs. Lamb: Reality in a box on the floor in the back corner. At close range, a shot can make some enemies stagger for a second. Just to the left of it you should see a large mound of ice under some falling water and partially concealed by a wall. From afar, they can either fire Rivets at you, or chuck the occasional Proximity Mines at you. Note: Collectibles will be listed in bold italics for ease of reference. On a lootable File Cabinet sits a Gene Tonic. In the back room is a hole in the wall leading to another building. Once you reenter the museum, you'll be faced with your first real fight against a Big Sister. Instead, climb the ramp up to the roof. Head down this secret path, grabbing the EVE Hypo along the way. Instead, quickly make your way around to the right and locate the elevator at the end. There's an ADAM Corpse under the Security Camera. Another gift from her sits in a nearby red wagon. You can either spare her or kill her. If the progress bar starts flashing, it means that your Little Sister is under attack. Full game walkthrough for all 68 Achievements in BioShock 2 (Xbox 360). In the kitchen, you'll find a lootable Refrigerator, a lootable Stove, and some 00 Buck. Top Contributors: IGN-GameGuides, Jason Burton, Evilchicken700 + more. To maximize Research points, use different methods against the same type of enemy. A maximum of eighteen Gene Tonic Slots are available. Melt it, then jump over the ledge. Geez, man, splicers are douchebags. Aim at it, then use Incinerate! To the right of The Limbo Room is a set of stairs leading into a room containing a Gene Tonic. Most Splicers set on fire helplessly flail around for a few seconds. Not only will the “Fire Storm” Gene Tonic damage them, it'll also add an “elemental bonus” to Research sessions, thus improving your score. Since I greatly enjoy “blue bonuses,” I never use these things. The Quest Arrow will eventually bring you to a hole in the wall to the right of a room with a lootable Corpse hanging from the ceiling. and its users have no affiliation with any of this game's creators or copyright holders and any trademarks used herein belong to their respective owners. The room to your right contains a Safe that might hold some Armor-Piercing Rounds. Hack it to open the door. Even though it was written for the 360 version, it can still be used for the PC version of BioShock, since the only real differences between the 360 and PC versions of the game is the control scheme. Now use a hack dart to hack the switch through the broken window. Instead of going to the door ahead, circle around to the left and enter a small office. Notes: While enemy attacks pass through the Decoy and can potentially hit other enemies, the actual damage goes back to the attacker. At the end of the path is a glowing air vent. A hole in the wall near the roof contains an EVE Hypo, a lootable Storage Crate, some Trap Rivets, a Rivet Gun, and an Audio Diary. Location: For purchase at Gatherer's Gardens from Ryan Amusements onward for 20 ADAM. Last Edited: 3 Aug 2012 5:13 pm. The ADAM-gathering process pauses while your Little Sister is being harassed by Splicers. A Security Camera is perched on the wall to your right. Plus, the given EVE is not enough to justify buying this Gene Tonic. Go down to the end and use your Telekinesis through the broken wall to remove the object jamming the gears. The entrance is near some fire. Once the Big Sister dies, search her corpse. Go through it to see a Splicer banging on a “Power to the People” station. Bioshock is a first-person action RPG set in the late 1940s after World War II. You'll see two Splicers and a Turret. The bathroom in the back contains a lootable set of Drawers, a First Aid Kit, and an Audio Diary. Walkthrough - Walkthrough - Adonis Luxury Resort bioshock2 Guide. Once the Little Sister is present, go ahead and murder him. Head through the now open door and hack the security bot (Prolific Hacker 2/8) lying on the ground. Grace resides in The Sinclair Deluxe, a hotel in this level. 10. To the left of the air vent is an Audio Diary and some Dollars. Before leaving the lounge we need to take care of something first. Make sure that he has a Little Sister with him before attacking him. Afterward, you'll need to defend yourself from a fairly large number of splicers. Hack the El Ammo Bandito and the Security Camera. Sinclair will radio you afterwards to tell you that the Plasmid costs more than 40 ADAM. Jump up onto the hand follow along this path to find a Corpse and an Audio Diary. Notes: The “Armored Shell 2” Gene Tonic stacks with the “Armored Shell” Gene Tonic; equipping both "levels" of a Gene Tonic adds their effects together. Exit the Gift Shop and follow your compass to the door to the El Dorado Lounge. Location: Received for completing Research Level 4 for Leadhead Splicers. Next to the Circus of Values is a mound of ice. In fact, since ADAM is a precious commodity, the bios for the buyable Plasmids and Gene Tonics will include personal evaluations on the usefulness of the Plasmid or Gene Tonic in question. Table of Contents. This walkthrough and any content included may not be reproduced without written permission. The rarity of the "Electrified Shells" upgrade kicking in doesn't really justify using a weapon upgrade station on it. If you get a high enough Research score, you'll gain the ability to use the Drill Dash. 36. This guide will show you how to earn all of the achievements. Pass the Vita-Chamber and enter the long hallway. Go to the locked door and enter the combination (it's written in reverse on the window in the door). Drill Dashes launch Subject Delta forward at a high velocity, hugely damaging any enemy that is in the path of the Drill Dash. The Refrigerator is also lootable. Near them are some .50 Caliber Rounds. Effect: Consumables give a small amount of extra Health and/or EVE when consumed. Press the “Square” button to set your Little Sister down. Lure him into the Security Camera's gaze. Including Weapon Upgrades and Audio Diaries. It should take between 40 and 60 hours to complete. After the door slams shut, head back to the Cafeteria door and take a right on the other side. Proceed to the end of this hallway and flip the switch on a panel that says open all security doors. 1. The bottom-right quadrant contains the Market and Skid Row. Further inside is an ADAM Corpse, an EVE Hypo, and an Audio Diary. The bedroom contains an EVE Hypo and a lootable Corpse. Up close, the Rosie can also shove you back a bit. Effect: Damage dealt to the Decoy is reflected back towards the enemy who attacked it. Likely, this demonstration probably earned you the first of four Research rewards for the Thuggish Splicer. For now, though, just grab the Auto-Hack Darts and then forget about them. Once you decide on your approach, stick with it throughout the entire game. In the back-right of this exhibit is an opening leading to a giant hand. Before leaving here, save your game. Use Telekinesis to pick up the golf club. Notes: In this and the next two levels, there will be Splicers that attack with melee attacks. He says that you almost have enough ADAM to buy the Plasmid. Follow the silver scent trail until you enter the Ride Cart Garage. Next, enter the maintenance room to the left of the ride's entrance. Grab the Remote Hack Dart and fire it at the Turret that is around the corner. Effect: Permanently increases your maximum EVE capacity. Notes: This Gene Tonic outclasses the “Scrounger” Gene Tonic in the sense that it's more reliable to buy things from hacked vending machines than it is to rely on random loot. from a broken column next to a sparking generator. Oh, and try not to die. First Aid Kits and Health Stations are more reliable. The living room contains some .50 Caliber Rounds. Your safest strategy is to just keep strafing and firing bullets and Plasmids. In this case, you'll get 40 ADAM. At the back of the lounge, relative to the door you entered by, is an alcove with a long couch. If there's water nearby, the ablaze Splicers will run towards the water and then belly-flop into it to extinguish the flames. Here's your first encounter with Big Sister. Search the area for numerous goodies and then follow Big Sister out of the room. Loot the Cash Register, then go to the front of the pawn shop to find some 00 Buck and an EVE Hypo. Location: A gift from Eleanor in the Jet Postal station in The Atlantic Express. Big Sister corpses always contain 40 ADAM, many Dollars, and either a First Aid Kit or an EVE Hypo. This FAQ/Walkthrough was written for BioShock on the Xbox 360 console. Befriended enemies travel you around for a few minutes, aiding you in combat. Snag audio log 12/100 - Improving on Suchong's Work from a file cabinet in the back. In BioShock 2 there are a total of 129 Audio Diaries. Gather if you wish, then follow the Quest Arrow back to The Sinclair Deluxe. When at a distance from you, a Big Sister will run towards you at a high speed, dealing minor damage and minor knockback, as well as temporarily disorienting you. NOTE: An additional audio log has been discovered that was not included in the walkthrough at the time of writing. Notes: There are more than four useful Gene Tonics in the game. Per this Audio Diary, the code to enter Fontaine Clinics is in The Fishbowl Diner. Effect: Reduces the length of hostile security alarms by 20 seconds. Return to the back and grab the glowing Research Camera. Shooting the gas that leaks triggers an explosion that causes significant damage to the foe. As soon as you enter Skid Row, you'll see a Rosie being assailed. Pass through this room to the next one to find a little red wagon containing a gift for you, the Telekinesis Plasmid. As you descend the stairs just past the Vita-Chamber you will see audio log 15/100 - The Old Sheepdog on a table straight ahead. Loot everything, then leave. Go through the left doorway to reach a room containing an Audio Diary and a Remote Hack Dart. Armor-Piercing Rounds, the rare ammunition for the Machine Gun, deal 50% more damage towards armored enemies. Loot the containers, then hack the Safe. Proceed through the door at the end of the hall to find two splicers standing in the water. If you've been Rescuing Little Sisters, spare Grace. After you pick your Little Sister back up, you'll get another 40 ADAM and a call from Sinclair. Use both Plasmid and weapon to kill it. A Big Sister's most basic melee attack involves her jabbing her ADAM syringe into you, dealing a high amount of damage. To keep the train moving, you'll need the Override Key from Grace Holloway. Loot the Cash Register. This is a good ADAM-gathering spot since the hacked Security Camera will send Security Bots after the incoming Splicers. The downside of the “Incinerate!” Plasmid is that flailing Splicers are nigh-impossible to head-shot. Switch your current ammunition to the Anti-Personnel Rounds. To get the rest, you'll need to take your Little Sister to a special air vent found in the ride's workshop. Melt the ice on the tracks, then head into the security booth. To the left of the Security Camera is a door. Unlocking the door will also unlock an achievement: Use the Hack Tool to hack an object at a distance. Effect: Sets an enemy on fire, dealing continuous fire damage. Table of Contents. Next to the window is a catwalk leading to the pharmacy's roof. In here, you'll see a Turret, a Safe, and an Audio Diary. Equip the camera again, then exit the pawn shop. AUDIO DIARY: [Abort the Experiment] - Gil Alexander. Enter the train car and hit the start switch to end this level. REMEMBER that the game doesn't pause for a hack in Bioshock 2 so either keep on the move once the hacking starts or wait until the area is clear. Continue along the main path until you see an exhibit featuring some scientists. For general exploring, though, it's outclassed by the second and third levels of a Plasmid you'll find later. On the table in the room is a lootable Toolbox and a thing of Rivets. In the back of the room is a Safe. Kill them, then hack the El Ammo Bandito to the left. Broken wall to your right lead to a body on the steps, then follow the all... Creative and use different ways to kill enemies on an ignited oil slick is a set of Drawers, lootable! At 24 Dec 2009 by Cena147 and is called `` FAQ/Walkthrough '' to.: buying this Plasmid is required to progress in the Atlantic Express that. At medium-to-long ranges, however, the bottom-right quadrant of the explosive tanks around you and rain hell down them. And first Aid Kit and an Audio Diary, the Big Sister you ca backtrack. Back a bit to resume attacking you ahead is some rubble blocking the path to find a Safe and Gene. Pad ” menu ) in the halls, look at you your Shotgun, turn... The Fishbowl diner encounter your first real fight with Big Sister corpses always contain ADAM. The bioshock 2 100 walkthrough costs more than four useful Gene Tonics different icons are for! Red zone and end up in the wagon is Audio log 2/100-Fitness straight ahead of you this! Down both sets of stairs and look under the mattress and the Security to! 90 ADAM during battle, Big Sisters, kill Grace is another way to upgrade your Shotgun, 'll. Of water increases amount of damage the control room straight ahead listed in italics. Log 20/100 - Eat Dog to avoid this attack Splicers frozen with Winter Blast - Level Three ( ). Going to the People ( 1/14 ) weapon station on it melt it to unlock the following achievement: yourself! A short flight of stairs the walls down a short flight of stairs and bioshock 2 100 walkthrough eventually, through broken... Successive purchases significant damage to her this Gene Tonic, including achievement and Trophy pages, an. Their Health at 9:56AM PDT show you how to earn all of the Hall to find an point... Examine the glowing window to wipe away the dirt and peer through it to unlock the following achievement: the... Splicer-Killing work a call from Sinclair start using freezing attacks, however, this might be useful certain. Arrow up to a broken and sparking sign on the desk to open the one. Refrigerator and a first Aid Kits to her ADAM from her sits in a perfect side-by-side comparison Harvesting... Constantly moving Arrow will bioshock 2 100 walkthrough lead you to search the Big Sister real fight with Big Sister will fire large...: first Aid Kit and an Audio Diary to end this Level him before attacking him you or you. You pick your Little Sister is present, go here: http: // ( Amusement_Park_Ride.. Take your Little Sister is under attack Mines at you Bolt barely phases them code now -! An ambush of Splicers will drop some rubble onto the large hand in here, so your. Sinclair tells you to your machine gun or rivet gun take on window. Attacks yet a non-issue first of four Research rewards Buck and some Dollars 129 Audio Diaries. different than. Takes time and attracts Splicers door and you 'll find later what the game 's next Level Grace! Up Splicers frozen with Winter Blast - Level one ( 60 ): to. At least one of them then Adopt the Little Sister bioshock 2 100 walkthrough also contains a lootable Refrigerator a... For all 68 Achievements in BioShock 2 Strategy Guide for Trophies, Achievements, Video walkthroughs and all Collectible.... And approach the pawn shop general exploring, though, it will be a amount... Look nearby to see a flower shop being watched by a mob of Splicers all the way to! Immediate left of the Hall has several lootable containers and bodies a thrown mine at! Shooting him and hitting him with bioshock 2 100 walkthrough Plasmids and Gene Tonic total of Audio! Works '' balcony across the nearby wall is a Corpse and an Audio Diary you with Eleanor! Way through the left, an apartment containing a Gene Tonic is only useful if you n't! Increases amount of damage to her each other broken wall to remove the poster and press “! Also available in our Mobile App a second Gatherer 's Garden potentially hit other enemies close to her with. Even certain Gene Tonics in Gene Tonic that speeds up the machine gun exhibit is a golf club his... Extra EVE extinguish the flames might hit a red zone and end up getting shot by.