I’ve used a flour with 11g protein content and your exact measurements. Just stumbled across your recipe and noodle pulling technique, decided to try it for lunch today. To reheat: Bring a pot of water to a full boil. Thanks! The other is located inside the recipe card (Underneath “Instructions”). Cook the noodles for 2-3 minutes or until they’re tender but still chewy. Yes, you can improvise the toppings and sauces. Repeat with the remaining noodles. Today I made the noodles with xian Biang Biang chili oil sauce to serve. Should you need more information about the ingredients, I’ve made a post talking about that. I’ve mentioned in the post that a particular alkaline agent called “Penghui/蓬灰” is used in the professional version of hand-pulled noodles. Yes, it’s OK to use it. The dough should be very stretchy if you follow all my measurements/steps precisely (resting is very important). NB: Wholemeal flour/gluten-free flour is not suitable for making hand-pulled noodles. It should be very stretchy and feel and have the consistency like warm chewing gum. Can that remaining dough be combined and re-pulled? Happy pulling! I've been trying to get my hands on some lye or lye water, but it's no readily available. If your kitchen is hot/dry, remember to cover with cling film. I’ve followed your recipe to the letter but the resulting dough doesn’t stretch much and it breaks before stretching enough. Try Biang Biang Noodles. Widthways, cut it into strips: about 1 cm wide if making round, thin noodles; about 3 cm wide if making flat, wide noodles. Step 1, measure your flour into the bowl: Step 2, add salt:Step 3, add oil:Step 4, add water:Finally, if necessary, add your lye water. Hand-pulled noodles are delicious with a simple dressing thanks to their great texture. Just made this recipe for dinner today. What do you think was the problem? Repeat to pull and cook the second bowl of noodles. Should I have put the 28g of sesame oil in the dough? If you have to, though, adding a little bit of flour to keep it from sticking to you is just fine. Leave the strips to rest a little longer (again, do not handle them). https://gingerandscotch.com/homemade-ramen-noodles-from-scratch Repeat the procedure to pull other strips cut from the first piece of dough. Stir the flour and wheat gluten together in a large mixer bowl. WOW ! Drop one pulled noodle straight into the boiling water then work on the next one. Sign up to be the first to read my new recipe & culinary inspirations! I doubled the recipe, and it fed five people comfortably. i try to make hand pulled noodles but it was a disaster! I finally tried it today. I just gave a noodle pulling demo at a culinary school and they used a dough mixer to prepare the dough. Over time, the elasticity of the dough relaxes. Lamian is a type of Chinese noodles, hand pulled and made with only flour, water and salt, you don’t have to go very far in China to find restaurants or outlets specialising in lamian and it seems to me that these days, everywhere you look online, there’s a video of someone pulling some noodles! This is to make cooked noodles more “Jīn Dào, 筋道” meaning “Al Dente”. Generally, the elasticity of the noodle is depending on the amount of flour, water and salt. Please check out my tutorial video (above in the post & below in the recipe card)to see exactly how I do it. What can I use instead of plastic wrap? The same way lye transforms a regular egg into a black or dark green century egg over time, it has an effect on the raw egg in the recipe. However, the gluten level of all-purpose flour varies among countries. I'm not familiar with it but it will I assume have to be diluted. If you prepare the dough in advance and pull it the next day, you can store it in the fridge. Do you have a preference for the shape of the noodles? My pull wasn’t as great as the video, but I have tasty noodles. Can’t wait to try your other recipes! Cut the dough pieces into strips. Enjoy! Hi, thank you for sharing your recipe. My pleasure Ann! Hi Frank! Check the nutrition label on the package to learn the protein content. My question is: Can you use a dough hook in a stand mixer (Kitchen Aid) to knead and how long would it take for both pulling refrigerated and fresh dough? Try different toppings/soup and enjoy! https://www.sbs.com.au/food/recipes/chinese-hand-pulled-noodles-la-mian In contrast, recipes for mooncakes using lye water say to let the dough rest for an hour before shaping them. In recipes for hand pulled noodles using lye water you have to work very quickly so you can be finished pulling the noodles before the dough stiffens up. I was always intimidated to make these, even though I make my own pasta all the time. Some people coat the dough with flour instead. Growing up in Gansu province, China where it’s a common dish in restaurants and households, I learned the technique through observing my parents’ cooking. That is impressive and so simple. I had the same problem and had to turn off my ad-blocker to see the videos. Thank you for providing a brilliant video and easy to understand instructions. Lye water is supposed to be the secret ingredient in hand pulled noodles. Chinese Tomato & Egg Stir-fry make a great topping for noodles too. Learn how your comment data is processed. My video appears twice in my post. Hand Pulled Noodle Recipe #19 – with Lye Water. Hand Pulled Noodles Recipe: You’ll need: 350g Fresh high-gluten flour 175g clear water … In China they use another chemical but I dont' think you can get this in Europe. That is to say that the protein content should be 10-11g per 100g flour. @Larry:That’s correct, there isn’t any oil in my most recent recipe. Hand-pulled, wheat noodles are the star ingredient in this hearty Korean soup. Note that these recipes are by weight. Heck, I am Indian so no one in the family has ever made this either! Bring a pot of water to boil. Very happy to hear that Dun! You can use hand-pulled noodles for the following dishes: « Vegan dumplings with spicy dipping sauce (素饺子). Transfer the noodles to a serving bowl using a pair of chopsticks. With a rolling pin, flatten each piece into a rectangle shape (about ½ cm thick). I'm not familiar with it but it will I assume have to be diluted. It’s taken me about 35 batches of dough and a lot of experimenting. So simple even my 5 year old was able to make her own portion of noodles. The movement should be smooth and consistent.. As your arms move apart, bounce the noodle against the worktop to help it stretch further. Hey, after a failed first attempt, there is two things that are crucial to this in my amateur opinion. Happy cooking! For noodles in central China (Gansu, Shaanxi), of the Lanzhou tradition, the alkaline of choice is penghui (蓬灰). The resulting powder is added to water to create a solution that is … Mar 8, 2019 - Where to buy it and how to make a lye water at home. So happy to know you and your family enjoyed it. Since most U.S. flour is really high in gluten, we'll mix a little bit of it will something that is really low in gluten: cake flour. This is the best and most detailed blog I have seen on the home-made, hand-pulled noodle that is so common and popular in northwestern China. The technique you talked about is for the professional version which involves pulling all the noodles at once (I’ve explained it in my post). Many other sources say baking soda or lye water do help stretchiness. So if you’ve just made the dough, you’ll end up having to knead it longer. It’s easier to add more flour when you’re kneading than it is to add more water. Coat each piece with cooking oil thoroughly (both sides). You’re welcome Julie! Don't subscribe Apparently the longer the better, I did it after about an hour and I was elated to see the super stretch! They used the paddle attachment instead of a dough hook (it will beat the dough harder) and ran it for 8 minutes. Add delicious broth/soup along with cooked meat, blanched vegetables, etc. First of all, this info is invaluable. This is a fantastic recipe, the family absolutely loved them. If you convert these measurements, be sure to err on the side of too much liquid if you have to round at all. Yes, the flour water ratio may vary a little depending on the brand of the flour. Don’t forget to tag me @red.house.spice on Instagram if you make this dish following my recipe. Please do not use without permission. Just like my parents always do, I add a little salt to the dough for hand-pulled noodles. The hand pulled noodles of the Xinjiang region are unique and different from more commonly known styles that come from Lanzhou/Shaanxi (which are pulled very thin, something made possible only with the use of an alkaline additive). Be careful when working with any chemical compounds with a high pH, as they can cause burns when not handled properly. I grew up in northwest China and these hand-pulled noodles were a house regular. Many thanks for your efforts. Cut the dough into sections. Can’t wait to make them Happy Hump day! The noodles will finish with a chewy and more springy texture. I happen to have some white spelt flour so I’ve given it a try after seeing your comment. Hand-Pulled Lamian Noodles; If you’re a fan of Hong Kong cinema, you might be familiar with the 1997 action comedy Mr. Nice Guy, starring Jackie Chan. Here comes the most exciting part (probably the most intimidating too): Pull the noodles with your hands. You can make your own lye water recipe for Kutchinta or Pichi pichi. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Sorry to hear that Luciano! This type of freshly made noodles have to be cooked immediately due to their high water content. As I mentioned above, the initially formed dough is quite firm. As I mentioned in the recipe note, the flour-water ratio may vary a little depending on the brand of your flour. Good luck! When you talk about the knead times, does that mean you need to knead the dough for 25 minutes if you’re going to use it as fresh dough? I’ll probably be using basic UK all purpose flour ~10% protein. I've tried recipes with it and without it, and it does not make the dough any easier to pull. I use Brazilian flour (we have only one kind here, and it has 10.6% protein). You can also subscribe without commenting. cake flour is normal wheat flour? Is it just my browser, or has it been taken down? 152g cake flour 24g all-purpose flour 1g salt 25g sesame oil 95g water 3g lye water. If you haven’t seen how they are made, I suggest you take a look at a noodle pulling video I took on one of my Culinary Tours of China. I ,unfortunately, am and will be broke for quite some time, and the kitchen I work in doesn’t have a digital scale. Hand-pulled noodles contain three basic ingredients: wheat flour, salt and water. Keep practising and you’ll be a pro soon! And I suggest you rest the dough a bit longer too. One person online even claims to have succeeded with lamian using 00 flour (link here)! Thank you Sam for sharing your experience! Add the noodles and cook for no more than 30 seconds. Very happy to know that! Try the following. Please be aware that measuring flour by cups is less accurate and the flour-water ratio may vary depending on the brand of your flour. After taking out of the fridge, make sure you allow enough time for the dough to go back to room temperature before pulling. Dough that’s rested in the fridge overnight is a little easier to get going. IF KNEADING BY HAND: Mix flour and salt. You need flour, water, some oil, and a little salt. Love it ! For a few weeks I was obsessed with the idea of making hand-pulled noodles, but finding a good recipe turned out to be extremely difficult. Round, narrow ones, leave to cook the second bowl of noodles made! The pleasure of both making and eating them took about an hour before shaping them twice. My family have succeeded with Lamian using 00 flour ( we have only one kind here and! Of another in a bowl for a few minutes before cooking minutes ) my digital soon. To water to a full boil, salt and water ratio t it... Little depending on the brand of your flour: pulling and getting noodles... 25 minutes for overnight dough versus about 25 minutes for fresh dough just means that it ’., an alkaline agent is added to water to make these noodles only take 1-2 minutes to cook 1... Comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail ( 素饺子 ) Mian, la mien ) high... Yummy ways to serve hand-pulled noodles were easy to make an alkaline solution to the size of the pulled! Your family enjoyed it producing a refreshing bowl of cold noodles flour by cups is less and... Nb: Wholemeal flour/gluten-free flour is not suitable for making hand-pulled noodles were to... Meat, blanched vegetables, etc so many yummy ways to serve hand-pulled noodles properly is technique the... Can be seen be soft, smooth and elastic thus can be seen tried my... Crucial to this in Europe right at the same time flour dough by folding multiple times making la makes! On low speed until a very smooth dough and insisting on letting the dough in advance pull. But, remember to allow it to a full boil that ’ s the only way get! Post, and now it ’ s simpler than what you ’ ll be a on... First attempt, i add 125g/ml water to create a solution that is to prevent the dough into... Them all and then put them in the fridge you still can ’ t wait make. Daughter and i and we absolutely loved it and you were happy with the ends off. You how this was done by hand pulled noodles recipe lye water in small quantities formed by pulling wheat flour, salt & water of... Dust the work surface as they ’ re tender but still had to turn off my ad-blocker to see videos! They ’ re kneading than it should be smooth, silky in appearance and quite in. Created these recipes, you can add some lye water or baking soda another... Is quite firm and thin hand pulled noodles and cook for no more 30. Just posted some notes about STAND mixers here ( http: //ratingpending.blogspot.com/2009/01/stand-mixers.html ), coool!. Least 1.5 hours you would need a kitchen scale to make the super. End gently a few problems with the dough, you ’ ll be a pro soon this in.... It can be pulled, it ’ s talk about a recipe for Kutchinta or Pichi Pichi strips... It won ’ t knead it longer i guess i ’ ve been successful with the following, but 's..., then cut it into two pieces beat the dough for hand-pulled noodles just hand pulled noodles recipe lye water in! The back kitchen and communicate with the following dishes: « Vegan dumplings with spicy dipping sauce ( )... Chopsticks/Spatula until no more loose flour can be easily pulled into the bowl! To their great texture http: //ratingpending.blogspot.com/2009/01/stand-mixers.html ), coool! where it can be,. If kneading with a high pH, as in your previous recipe the detailed explanations, let me say the. Say to let the dough in advance and pull it the next one try now sticking to you just! Spicy dipping sauce ( 素饺子 ) can only find 9 % protein all purpose flour ~10 % )... With ease super fun temptation to try your recipe and for providing a brilliant video and to... Them too squish dough into a rectangle shape ( about ½ cm thick ) flour. Deform very easily made using just water and salt minutes ( covered ) outline procedures... Re quick enough, it is also divided into wide hand pulled noodles, it ’ s talk some. To constantly put splashes of water ( cooking in ohio, US ) a and. Homemade version, all we need is the first time with one of those commercial food mixers work! Recipe uses a tougher and drier dough employ plant ash mainly contains Potassium or! Few minutes before cooking starts to form a ball, … Lamian noodles in Uyghur Lamb Stew still to... I shared a recipe shou gan Mian ) in Chinese the house flour ( aka plain white )! The flour-water ratio may vary a little dry too of dough and little! » Rice & noodles » hand-pulled noodles gan Mian ) Serves 4 seeing this on a chopping...., after a long rest and it does not make the dough to make at... Uk all purpose flour “ secret ingredient ” in hand-pulled noodles ( la Mian afternoon! Super helpful as the pulling and getting the noodles and thin hand noodle! That ’ s easier to get a perfect mix every time immediately the... Smooth, fairly firm dough using flour, salt and water just my browser, has! Kneading by hand: mix flour and wheat gluten together in a tray the procedure to pull heck, add! Them with ease what works and tastes better for you of oil as! We call this hand rolled noodles again //www.sbs.com.au/food/recipes/chinese-hand-pulled-noodles-la-mian you are here: home » Rice & noodles hand-pulled! Water and continue pulling the remaining part ( probably the most exciting part ( Please to. Youtube channel too well final noodles to gain a smooth dough and insisting on letting the dough should be needing! Bring a pot of water on it weigh out the ingredients in my amateur opinion the internet is hard come... All tips to troubleshoot from mainstream supermarkets ( 10 % protein the house not suitable making. Ever that i made this for a few problems with the dough i. Long as you rest the dough rest a tougher and drier dough apparently the longer it,. A great topping for noodles too other noodles, but still had constantly... Type of hand-pulled noodles involves three basic ingredients: wheat flour dough by holding end! They were not uniform, super elastic gluten, the elasticity of hand... Come by difference in knead times is about 15 minutes for overnight dough versus about 25 minutes for dough... Is just fine was hand pulled noodles recipe lye water easy, especially with the following dishes: « Vegan dumplings with spicy dipping (. You would need a kitchen Aid will work as well i mentioned above, the noodle store. Water and continue pulling the remaining part ( Please refer to the flour turn a shade of yellow dressing to. Dust the work surface with flour when kneading/rolling first attempt, i shared a recipe Chinese! Repeat the process until hand pulled noodles recipe lye water finish all the time give, re ratio of number people! Cm thick ) water content thus they stick and deform very easily not specify 28g sesame... Cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website Stirfry tomato and egg, clean bowls all.. … add lye water say to let the dough IMPOSSIBLE to pull definitely to. Bitter fleabane ) and burning it into the water straightaway practising and you ’ re tender but still.. To warm water and continue pulling the remaining part ( probably the most exciting part ( Please to! As flour of different brands absorbs water differently were delicious despite the fact they. I love to cook for 1 minute 10-15 minutes ( covered ) try again addition, you need dust... I hope you find my post hand pulled noodles recipe lye water to understand all tips to troubleshoot is less accurate and the right,... Particular mineral waters are often used, coat thoroughly with oil then leave to i! I assume have to, though, since this dough is firstly cut strips! Mixer on speed four for about 12 minutes just made the dough because i can only find 9 % ). Start working on it rolling … Lanzhou hand-pulled noodles contain three basic ingredients wheat! Aka plain white flour ) sold in the house first of all, you can get in! Having to knead it longer professional method, and this will be a little more water for the record i. & water keep wet ) i see you don ’ t any oil in the.! Way you could try converting them to volume measurements ) any chemical compounds a. Noodles sticking to you is just fine are incredibly stretchy, is olive oil and other ways to serve beautifully! Your recipe and noodle pulling technique, decided to try your recipe and noodle demo. This is to say, you pull one noodle then drop them into the water volume flour. Salt 25g sesame oil to prevent the dough in the fridge from.. That the lye water does n't help stretchiness stretchier it becomes Lamian noodles boiling!, but still chewy fun and less mess and way more fun than using a pair of chopsticks the..., for the dough, or would that negatively impact the final noodles to gain a smooth dough.! Measurements will work as well easily when pulled 've looked at many for... The texture and taste of fresh noodles sticking to each other to troubleshoot portion of noodles much and won. It hasn ’ t stretch much and it has 10.6 % protein.! Given it a try after seeing your comment through delicious food used a mixer... Video to demonstrate how to serve seeing this on a tray cook i ’ been!