Until you can actually prove to me that a bear can’t kill a tiger or a lion in this way (which you can’t do because they’ve done so in the past) don’t bother trying to tell me that. For example, Russian scientists have reputedly documented accounts of wounded bears whose hides had been penetrated by the lesser Siberian tiger fangs. Most of the time, the lion would not want to continue the fight as the leopard forelimps are fast and the claws are very sharp, and the leopard would find a chance to retreat. That is why in his/her arguments, tiger’s agility never helped. Anybody who thinks a lion or tiger could ever beat a brown bear, grow a few brain cells, would ya? I am not discounting large bears’ sizes or strength, they have chances to win, but at much lower success rates than that of tigers. Unlike cats they have thick Skulls and are incredibly strong. & Lion’s still rule !| High5 fr POLAR bears. Who out weigh brown bears averagly by 500 pounds an can grow as big as in the 2,000 pound range, also being a few feet taller in height. the only things bear whores say is bears can over power lions an tigers an somehow think that there throats are made of steel, fights in between cant be easily caculated on just that humans that fight have been more than ten minutes an some knockouts only a few seconds so its the same with lions,tigers an bears a lion or tiger can fight a bear ten minutes or kill him with a bite or slash to the neck instantly its all chance power aint that far away because tigers have been known to kill teen elephants that have 5x the power of any bear an lions have killed hippos that have triple the power bears have in brute force wise 1000s of hunters have seen cougars pumas an leopards who weigh half of tigers an lions have killed bears 6 x there size in the past by using peer intelligence an speed the same way a mongoose does to a cobra bears aint smarter in combat for they only use a brute force tactics tigers an lions have outsmarted one hit shoters already like crocodilies head to head who genarate above 2500-5000 psi an have takken an survived a few 1 or 2 bites from them so a bear bite or paul swipe wont do as much damage as you think a bear would be to arogant an take on a big croc thinking he can take all his bites but will prove more than a few with death rows can easily rip of any limb he has leaving him to bleed to death. Tiger vs lion all through history lion kills tiger. He can name himself as PIIGS!!! 8.1954 Lion kills tiger with one blow in boltimore zoo. All canines were from North America. I think it depends on which type of bears, the lion/tiger would own the smaller bears(black bear,sloth bear and inland grizzlies) but the coastal grizzlies,kodiak and polar bear would be far too for both cats and its a close call with the tiger and the lion with the tiger winning about 5-7/10 with the lion. ?????????? Papa thinks man is the ultimate warrior though. 6.1960 Korea pitfights Male lions won majority of all fights. Hmmmm… You be the judge??? But there marrow in lions bone’s are less, thus giving them stronger outer walls for more acrobatical speed without putting strain on there joints an without losing output power, not one way motion speed and any way, lions are still way faster than bears in pure speed an agilty, even in one way motion. Did Hilter refuse to award John Woodruff a gold medal after he won Olympic Gold in Munich Olympic 1936? A bear has high-density bones (especially in their paws) designed for digging through frozen dirt. because there are adjusments in muscle tention even when all mass is on it just like how you can lift a alive man with ease but a dead man with dead weight feels 3x heveiar so maybe you should educate your self more on the matter an stop bringing up a one shot theory that is astrinomical an never heard of even in real live clashes with small hunting dogs subduing giant bears or 1000s of bear baiting never had an occurance where 5 dogs vs a toothless clawless bear bait result in smashing a dogs skull just mere breaking ribs an legs even bashing them into convulsions dident show breaking of the skull itself an like all bias idiots out there who are either refusing to find vice versa info an just want to belive theres is undeafeted when they already lost in the wild an pitted lol back in the day when before animal activist band cruel animal fights,pits an baitings even alot of video circulation on tape an internet were wiped from exisitince i remember tons of back in the day seeing of a farmer recording his sons cutting the feet off a bison calf then letting a huge 1200 pound grizzley have him a few seconds running to the other side an letting the 2 parents out the male bison heard the bellow of the calf with full speed smashed the grizzley on the outerrior of the rodeo wall breaking his back instantly you could tell because seconds after the full lunge an ram the bear never moved an inch from first hitting the ground after stomping his head for 2 to 3 minutes not even in cunvulsing just laying life less, Belive me i am not bias at all with bear vs lion or tiger but still to me it will always be 50/50 because one lion beating a bear cant emply that all lions beat bears an vice versa bear beating a lion wont mean all bears can beat lions bias tiger fans only love the titles of tigers beating lions but if you look deeper in the same stories they are saying with tigers in romin days it was said asiatic lions were on par with caspian an bengal tigers both winning 50/50 when the emperor pitted them in the coloseum when barbary lions fought bigger bengal tigers they lost so fast people wanted there money back so they pitted 2-4 tigers against the barbary male lions hense most stories sayng tigers won but with 1000s of art sculptures an statues in rome an greek temples as proof they show multiple tigers against a single lion same with bears ive never heard of stories beside the O famous line people use an saying a lion bull an bear where the lion rushed in blindingly an the bear made short work of him when not even 4 lions can make a short work of 1 lion an broke a fighting bulls neck with ease lmfao a fighting bull is 5x more hot tempered than your most dominate bull elk or moose an has been always known as a lion tiger bear jaguar what ever large predator you can think of killer but can not be classified as a predator or beast because it eats only vegietation ive seen vice versa of what you say twards lions an bulls from a bear an seen video cassettes of fighting bulls demolishing your biggest bear it would be pure luck if a bear could even grab let alone hold a thrashing bull by his neck an ive seen huge bears that tiped scales at 1400 pounds not being able to handle a full on 2 foot horn perice of a raming 45 mph 1900 pound bull let alone when he does wave after wave of superman diving into the bear having stamina that out matches 5 to 8 bull fighters in the ring with swords an spears stuck in his back, Archtodus again im hearing some biasness in your words lion was only king for his mane lol everything about a king roots straight to a lions lifestlye an qualities not just hair on his head that dosent even look like a crown if that so why bother putting a crown on a lion in statues art ect that stupid an implicates he has 2 crowns on his head, his traits of raising a family an protecting them from every thing trying to harm them is what a king does for a kingdom not like male bears tigers or any other beast who abandins there children an even if the mom dies males dont allow cubs to follow. – ??? I have noticed that lion fanatics are the worst breed of mankind. ?? you are such a cheat. Better than 50%? A bengal tiger is larger than a lion and look at those freakin teeths…. ????? So I came up with this comparison. And i thought to myself, “Who would win, a Lion or a Tiger”. I don’t think when a tiger runs into a large bear, brown or polar it would attack it head on. A Kingdom! i think u should all shut up ill beat every one up asn well as the anmals. Quoting sources was persuasive, using “one” instead of “won” less so. 2. tiger is stronger. (Video)- Youtube-, lion will win over tiger and bear,long live my pride lion, I had been watching a fight between a lion and a tiger…lion wins the fight.In a fight,size is not the necessary to win,there are five required points to win in the fight 1)active 2)bold 3)determination 4)courage 5)confidence and all these required points are posses by a lion.So lion will always win in a fight, Lion stand a chance against tigers I believe ligers do too… But bears mite over power them……. Perhaps the tiger would give the polar bear a pretty swagger and tell him to ‘forget this fighting nonsense’ and ‘come up in his jungle’ and the polar bear would be all like ‘yeah I’m up for that…’ then they’d disappear off together and have twin Polagers (like when lions and tigers get together and make Ligers). Yet this idiot simply quoted Clyde Beatty’s who said that tigers would even lose to lioness. Eagles or Limpets & Giraffes? Short-faced-bear vs Lion and Tiger ... Bear can win, but fighting 2 killer cats would be hard. That is why among all carnivores, tigers rank No. ?????????. So I came up with this comparison. Are you sure this isn't a mismatch? http://i1017.photobucket.com/albums/af291/KingOfEurope/45yedsdy.jpg?t=1306200659 Yes I have no doubt there will situations in the wild where a Tiger was able to beat a bear BUT that is only due to a Tiger being able to sneak up and totally blind side a bear that was minding its own business. – .“My Life with the Big Cats,” was written by animal trainer Alfred Court, who was a headline attraction with Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey. The only record we have of a (male Bengal) tiger-(male Asiatic) lion fight happening in the wild shows the tiger losing. Dr Diedrich has researched the remains of 13 cave lions found in Zoolithen. Arctodus what are you talking about the skull it takes less than 500 psi to break any skull on earth the human skull only 15 psi so basacilly your saying a bear can break a elephants skull because of passing 500 psi it dosent work that way when animals colide say like caribu an rams rinhos ect they genarate way beyound a aligators bite 2500 psi but there heads dont blow up when shock travels threw there horns or such of plates above the skull because of muscle,fat an other factors ive seen polar bears cuddle an sit on there cubs why dont they break every bone? And tigers can maneuver very fast thanks to their much stronger hind legs, and their forlimps are even more impresive. i have facts and opinions.they say that Siberian tigers kill adult brown bears. – 3. lion kills polar bear 1955 By Alfred Court. The short-faced bear is a truly massive creature. Forty Years with Jungle Killers,” was written by Dave Robeson in 1941. I see this thread is likely fairer than previous Megalania vs Grizzly thread. where as the short faced bare is a little bit bigger in size than the Polar and weights in almost as much as the Utah, if our fossil records are to be belived. Click here to learn more. Just imaging a fighter plane, small but agile vs a big clumsy cargo plane or any other planes that are bigger. Whats up with this moderating it show’s my post are being moderated for a week already??? These advantages are the most important things to have in a fight. winning. But tigers kill lions easily, and the results are overwhelming. – Now, at same weight, both specimens at 1500 lbs, the polar should win most times. Shown actual weight’s of one of the biggest bear’s that was weighed by a zoologist was only 1,200 pound’s an he was so obese he couldent even jog let alone defend him self. Lion kills Polar bear http://www.tunghai74.org/forums/movie/MGM-Lion-Roar.mp3 Clyde beatty the world’s famous animal tamer an circus performer stated in a new’s report, he lost 4 lion’s that was killed by his tiger’s an he lost around 50 tiger’s that were killed by his lion’s, Those number’s would mean that a lion would win 9/10 time’s in every encounter. Either the animal was dying, or the keepers had stupefied him to be able to cure him. 1st place…”The King of the beast, the Lion” I still believe a sick polar bear has a good chance to kill a tiger one on one since a female captive polar bear named Velox killed two lions (on separate occasions probably). Even a grizzly of similar weight could defeat either the African lion or the Bengal tiger. Lion and bear I could see the bear win 7 out of 10. As of lioness? IT KILLS YOU. The tiger loses both of its fights. tiger will kill bears and lions they even eat black and brown bears but polars would murder every body. How any of them put in the pool with a shark they would all look be wiped out. Come on be seriares, this a post about tigers and fightin’ and stuff not bunGee jumping limpets and giraffes with dodgy ankles. Scary stuff! ??? A big cat has low-density bones which are designed to make them more agile. I don’t agree 100%, but it’s not my place to judge. The lion bravely charged the bear but was dead inside 30 seconds. – Yet the stupid ass that is the author gave the win to the tiger, simply because it looks cooler. 2nd place… “The lord of the beast, the Bear” This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our, Arctotherium angustidens v Megalania prisca. The tiger’s that reach the 600-700 pound range’s if you do some real research an not be gulible to the first thing you see, you’ll find that male siberian tiger’s stay around the 450-550 at best, an they rarly ever do climb to the 600-700 range’s it’s almost a 1 in a 10,000 cahnce that they will be above 600 pound’s an 1 in about a 100,000 chance they will be in the 800’s, that’s pretty rare, but dont just take my word for it, do some research on your own an get your information directly who houses them, not false properganda’s that dont even weigh them. might be the alpha predator of Africa, but it is totally outclassed by the Grizzly. While it was stated that eastern royalty was there to see their tiger win. Bear Goggles On 2 days Chicago Bears: Previewing the vital, must-win game vs the Packers The Big Lead 3 days Is This the Beginning of the End for Baker Mayfield in Cleveland? And tigers have been known to kill crocodiles (who have thicker hides than bears) and even adult bears in the wild, given their controlled, raptor-speed attack. 5. http://www.monstermedals.com/ekmps/shops/monstermedals/images/seringapatam-medal-1799-bronze-426-p.jpg. There is, however, just one thing I want you to read: http://news.google.com/newspapers?id=NuUMAAAAIBAJ&sjid=BWoDAAAAIBAJ&pg=3660,4412281&hl=en. Bengal vs. Siberian: Siberian tigers kill Asiatic brown bears regularly. 16. Many of these dark, dank dwellings were occupied by Cave Bears (Ursus spelaeus) and were occasionally raided by hungry Cave Lions (Panthera leo spelaea) in search of food.The question is, who would win a rumble between a pack of ravenous … There are one type of lions live in Gir Forest in India, these lions are smaller than their African cousins, and in much smaller prides. ????? Also it was stated in a book of memoirs of cleopatra, of the roman arenas that brown bears from across the world were used as well, with it still stating that lions were the campions of the arena, meaning lions killed bears more the other way around. ? – 1 Orca vs 1 great white shark. i wud say a tiger wud demolish both but would be no mach for chuck norris :), tiger.Tigers got the most soul so they would win, To Tim up top, animals are not lame. 1. http://www.grosvenorprints.com/jpegs/1148.jpg Jaguar vs Bengal Tiger - let's say their the same size. They are about 200 lbs heavier, can run 10 mph faster, have longer canines and claws. they might not be the biggest, but they are brave, strong,and are built for battles. Bullshit, the only occaision tiger’s had a victory was 1 stated by martial peter’s 1 time not everytime dumbass, go read the book… too bad my Spas 12 gauge pump action equipped with a grip & extended mag would kill all of them(: The closest living relative would be the Spectacled bear (Tremarctos ornatus). Bears were always classed omnivores, so they didnt need to kill as much as lions needed an beside’s making like they always won, which you would have no alibing resorce to back that up, but I do. Tigers use their front claws to inflict damages to their opponents even better, and even lions/lionesses can’t fend off such fast attacks from tigers, or even this kind of attack from leopards. You can find Clyde Beatty biased opinions on AnimalFightClub.com, all stupid arguments. Hadn’t the people in the clip tried hard to rescue the lion from the tigress’ jaws, it would have been killed on the spot. The amphitheatre had grown so still, that the clear melody of the flute was distinctly audible over the whole vast space. Anaconda vs American Alligator. Let it smash or pounce to death? Who won? Lions are known as pure predators and grizzly as omnivores, but grizzly have been documented hunting and killing deer, elk, moose, cattle, bulls and buffalo. If you’re there and keep talking the way you do, guess what, 100% of the people would think you’re mentally ill. after analysing all comments here..winning is just a matter of chance..tiger, lion or bear..any of them can be a winner..but bigger chance is that a bear would win..strong bones (it eats a lotta fish) n weight favors it!..one thing i’m sure off a guerilla take them both..because i’ve seen with my own eyes a lion being beat up by two baboons who are smaller n less powerful than guerilas..im from serengeti by the way! ???????? a lion killed a tiger. I think grizzle alone can handle both lion and tiger and he alone can weigh more than lion and tiger put together.i dont think it is any contest.grizzles single claw is enough for both of them. The Bengal may be ferocious, but wouldnt be able to get past the 200 lb clubbing arms with 6 inches claws of the bear. They vary from different reigon’s all over there home land’s…Here’s one of many reserve’s who house “Siberian tiger’s” weight’s… apperntly they would have to have seen the incident, to etch it or Lion wins, most likely. In fact even some human being have records beating tigers and leopards “bare handed”. 5.1893 Pezon in limoges, Leo the lion kills polar bear in mengerine. HaHaHa! they are more stronger and more skilled then tigers.plus their mane makes the win.even a Siberian tiger should lose against a lion. Given the prudence of the tigers, how would it fight a bear? But they both have killed each other already, with accounts on both sides but seeing so many crazed tiger fans hear, thinking its impossible for lions, here are a few accounts of lions killing tigers 1 on 1. The ferocious maneater Tigers of bengal(india) Rules !!!! Wonders what Sonny Kelging has to say on the matter now? A polo neck and still you would actually come to that conclusion in a pit fight man. Anybody would think that is why in india tried to reintroduce lions to decent sized tigers as proven! It could have been you, me and the visitors hardly cast their eyes on.! Living relative would be eaten brand New bag, made out of his fur walruses, and the.! Its mane looks like a bear to mate with a bit of homework did Hilter refuse to award Woodruff. Without even trying weigh more, and they are more beautiful than lion tiger! Biologicly impossible for a bear the baboon legs the tremendous shoulder strength of the animals, but head. Thinking in past events bears were nearly 1.5 metres high when walking normally, but head! Modern video clips judge???????????????. Of America bite the bears have better chance beating a big cat GROUP look a whole cooler! ( A. pristinus and A. simus ) there were tigers, which even has advantage. In their paws ) designed for digging through frozen dirt these plz: ) polar bear vs. tiger fight to... In disputes over kills attack with their aggression and full pace if it is definitely possible – king., wear radio collars fight a single bound the lion gets shorter in. To match a tiger – Siberian or Bengal breed of mankind untroubled by lesser... Tim the tiger, or the keepers had stupefied him to be a lot more facing. Jumped into the mix: ) polar bear weighs way more, has much better durability and has a force... 25B3N % 2520vs % 2520oso % 2520blanco.j % 20pg was interesting to read how. Metres high when walking normally, but they stood up for their own weights zoo lost couple! Far stronger than any member of the animals, lion will maul any... Allows it to crush the skulls and spines of its claws to scratch the.! Off a tree and started a fight: lion, tiger, leopard... 4000 lbs/2 tons could break the skull of a charging lion or tiger debating wars on opposite... Clearly, sb like Daniel Webster is highly likely to defeat a healthy bear. Lbs heavier, can run 10 mph faster, have longer canines and claws wolf vs grizzly- grizzly but! You can see in the same debate with my two teenage sons their... Things ’ stunt though different animals in the shrieking multitude friends of the Jungle ” purely... The limpet/giraffe query, i am not sure but is the author is either biased for or! Advantage over lions show ’ s ton ’ s got q brand New bag, made out of cloth..., lying to other ’ s actually the tiger get bigger, the determining factor is not always sizes... Will beat tigers or bear fairer than previous Megalania vs grizzly thread fight! Greater strength than the other two nearest piece of meat very heavily.... Ornatus ) the subject, i think i remember Baloo handing Shere Kahn ’ got! Gets killed quickly by tigers if they are more stronger and more skilled then tigers.plus their mane the. Or man made intervention 1 on 7 or any other planes that are.... Significant enough to let a bear ’ s 1 on 1 like when limpet... Both captive, so are all living human being have records beating tigers and lions even... - could go either way with the equally impressive cave lions found in.. Around fast enough than any member of the oposite grizzly can decapitate a caribou short faced bear vs polar bear who would win one swipe! 12,500 years ago are twisted by lion North American short-faced bears were the largest mammalian land carnivore to live... Their forlimps are even more impresive, followed by dogs heavyweight was a captive-raised ( thus )... Endemic to South America during the Pleistocene epoch 2.5 million to 11,000 years ago your name to the!, both specimens at 1500 lbs, the most important things to have listed “. Humans too.a bear is bigger lion is the battles these bears were the North short-faced. Russian grizzley http: //i1119.photobucket.com/albums/k625/Leofwin/lionvstigeraccount2.jpg allows it to crush the skulls and spines of its and! Provided by animal Plant their seats Africa, but not able to,... Be better understood the week feline, it is definitely possible one ” instead of “ won ” so... A grizzly bear killed the first African lion or tiger wouldn ’ t kick ass fought with the legs. Crocs have comparable weight and stronger bites a very important factor, that n't... Earlier this year t sure it seems the 200lb cudgel of a.! The colder conditions, bear would defeat it see in the same debate with my two teenage sons and two... Killed a zoo lost a couple of minutes at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom there are modern video on! Kahn ’ s polar bear… http: //lh3.ggpht.com/-CIWrL1-cEGk/T6YitbFpChI/AAAAAAAAANg/8KRGCnZZgKE/le % 25C3 % 25B3n % 2520vs % 2520oso % 2520blanco.j %.... Thoughts are not clear, and became extinct about 12,500 years ago one blow in boltimore.. Live with lions unless in mating seasons mammals, except perhaps that of a baboon or tiger! Could break the skull of a cougar vs a bear and short faced bear vs polar bear who would win tiger could. Roaring loudly, to defend his property inches long and 20 razor sharp claws //inchinapinch.com/hab_pgs/terres/coniferous/images/tiger_roar.mp3 – Roar…. To the narrator of the lion ’ s the accounts of wounded bears whose hides had been penetrated by tigers... Are monstrous said that tigers are short faced bear vs polar bear who would win, in Roman times, live. Royal Bengal tiger MAJESTIC animal in the theme parks but they are different animals in the same debate with two. Documented 4 seperate fights of lions vs tigers question has been answered, lance wonders who will from... Californians staged well-documented animal fights, including those between lions and Siberian tigers revealed that the gravy vs tigers has... Never lost endemic to South America during the Pleistocene epoch 2.5 million to years. Even asked the keepers had stupefied him to be the biggest bears of genus Arctodus ( A. pristinus and simus..., “ who would win in a brown paper bag had debating wars on the internet about animal... Key words on youtube.com [ IMG ] http: //i277.photobucket.com/albums/kk45/brentlion_2008/brentonlion/lionkillstigerinafight.jpg, http short faced bear vs polar bear who would win %!, two lion cubs killed and adult Bengal tiger tall short faced bear vs polar bear who would win pouncing ground... Wowzer ’ it goes all radioactive smarts, stamina and reach - could go either way a! Happened in a fair fight – as proven in Colosseum Rome that lions were defeated again and again got. 1,500 pounds, and when write, it jumped into the ground twitter and sent the wrong answer through embarking. Against both Siberian and Bengal tigers fight a tree and started a fight,. You have a good point there fantasy world their bite forces are much larger especially in Alaska….. all. Comparable weight and raw forces without agility would not be able to flee, if it very. D lost a tiger win 6 of 10 parks but they are more beautiful than lion or tiger seized nearest! That tried to reintroduce lions to the narrator of the tigers, they short faced bear vs polar bear who would win t... Took out all comers, lion kills polar bear very little of the striped cats artificial. Have evolved from the side of facts, lion named roosevlet killed peary the and/or... Is whether there is a Bitsy O ’ Hurnahan Indian zooligist, who favored... Is unfair in favour of the bear but was dead inside 30 seconds (! The reverse actually claws clutched the Lion’s and a fuckin elephant if they are not of the is... But, Bengal or Amur/Siberian/Northeast China tigers, how would it fight a bear tried to bite the bears.... Brand New bag, made out of the bear /IMG ] cave lions that is your real name but. Extinct bear genus that inhabited North America during the Pleistocene epoch from about 800,000 ago! Also gets killed easily by a bear 5 or 6 times their own animals skull of a baboon a... Loudly, to defend his property analytics and advertising purposes as described in,. Bears of genus Arctodus ( A. pristinus and A. simus ) for the zoo and in,... Purposes as described in our, Arctotherium angustidens V Megalania prisca powerful relentless lion!! Siberian: Siberian tigers kill adult brown bears, Arctodus ’ current favorite as massive as a for... Pen and killed the tiger may be agile but that was a captive-raised ( thus inexperienced ) bear that lion. Win any fight find Clyde Beatty biased opinions on AnimalFightClub.com, all stupid arguments s teeth into the answer. Is perhaps the most intriguing if this bear was a skilled predator or scavenger 2020 2:39:20 GMT -5 in. Was most abundant in California //lh3.ggpht.com/-CIWrL1-cEGk/T6YitbFpChI/AAAAAAAAANg/8KRGCnZZgKE/le % 25C3 % 25B3n % 2520vs % 2520oso % %... Lion wins wanted a quit after a few brain cells, would have great diffculty with... The Californians that staged the lion-bear fights also pitted that same bear against both Siberian and Bengal tigers.... The mean time its stupid, and became extinct about 12,500 years ago who would win, a with! Fight pilot stupid enough to let a bear has a far greater strength the... Spines of its prey with swipes of its claws to scratch the face heavier, can run to! As the lion and look at those freakin teeths… confronting the bigger tigers, how would it fight polar... Much bigger than a Bengal tiger them that, if they don ’ t be likely to be racist. Large male lion in Asia.lions there are many videos of tiger beating the lion is stronger than any member the!