Chapter 26 His relatively thin build and short stature often lead him to be mistaken for a junior high (or in some cases even grade school) student. Though Misaki asks how he intends to find her without information, Hinata explains that they made a promise to stick with one another and he will stick to "Misaki-chan" as he leaves to explore the school. Occupation So, when Neji was the first member of the Konoha 11 to die, fans were left shocked. Gallery 161828 (10 years later) Upon being scolded by Misaki, Hinata states they weren't fighting, but merely engaging in conversation. 'Plucky' means brave and optimistic. He is quite handsome as at his previous school he was very popular among the girls. Here Goes the List of Characters who married. Manga: Chapter 29, Pages 1-4, Kaichou wa Maid-Sama! Hinata asks Misaki if she would come see him working, though she tells him she already knows he has changed, remarking on his new personality. 1 Takumi Usui 2 Family 2.1 Sakuya Ayuzawa 2.2 Minako Ayuzawa 2.3 Suzuna Ayuzawa 3 Friends 3.1 Hinata Shintani 3.2 Tora Igarashi 4 References Just as she already hid … [3], Later on, Hinata is given a tour of the school by Misaki, during which he continues to eat bread crusts along the way despite her consistently telling him not to, with him claiming he is hungry. We have seen Rock Lee’s son Metal lee but we are still unsure if he is Rock lee’s own son or adopted. Before deciding how to settle the draw, Satsuki explains the prizes, one of which is a picture with a maid. Though he believes he can't be hurt by Misaki while he is in the tree, Misaki's threat to take away his bread crusts surprises him, causing him to lose his balance and fall. Virtual Live Album-Barashoten Princess, Kaichou wa Maid-sama! She stayed by his side in Happy and Sad Moments. Unnamed Parents (Deceased)Unnamed GrandparentsSakuya Ayuzawa (Father-in-Law)Minako Ayuzawa (Mother-in-Law)Misaki Ayuzawa (Sister-in-Law)Takumi Usui (Brother-in-Law)Suzuna Ayuzawa (Wife) [29] Soon after, Misaki claims to be ill and leaves, flustering Hinata. My Friend If you’re looking for answers to above Question, You’re at the Right Place.eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'narutoexplained_com-box-3','ezslot_6',129,'0','0'])); You and I have seen Naruto with Great Interest. Despite being popular in middle school and getting the attention of the girls, Hinata's heart still belongs to Misaki. Manga: Chapter 28, Pages 5-7, Kaichou wa Maid-Sama! Peace Out. Prince Tora Said 'My princess marry me. Manga: Chapter 26, Pages 8-10, Kaichou wa Maid-Sama! Before Hinata's eyes, Takumi takes Misaki and puts her over his shoulders, at the same time asking Hinata if he wants him show him how to be a man. Manga: Chapter 26, Pages 25-26, Kaichou wa Maid-Sama! Though they were lovers they did not marry because of Asuma untimely death.eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'narutoexplained_com-box-4','ezslot_0',123,'0','0'])); They had Mirai Sarutobi who is the daughter of Asuma Sarutobi and Kurenai Yuuhi. Childhood Friend Romance is a part of romantic plots, when characters develop romantic feelings for someone who they spent their childhood years with. In the final chapter, Hinata eventually weds Suzuna, who revealed her inner feelings for him. Later on They also had a boy who is now a part of the InoShikaCho. Manga: Chapter 26, Pages 10-11, Kaichou wa Maid-Sama! [30], After helping to settle down a crying baby at another table, Hinata is called out to by someone. In episode 126, Shukaku realizes this himself. Takumi tells him if he messes with Misaki, he will mess with him (openly recognizing Hinata as his rival), causing Hinata to angrily stare back.[32]. He is also very ambitious and determined as he claimed the fact that he wouldn't give up on Misaki even when she became Takumi's girlfriend, revealing how much he loves her. What was the name of Sakura's notebook? eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'narutoexplained_com-medrectangle-1','ezslot_10',154,'0','0']));report this adSasuke Uchiha came back to Konoha ( Hidden Leaf ) after his journey to repent of his doings. However, he soon realizes that he and Misaki are alone in the room. Because it's Himawari's birthday, Hinata takes her out to buy food and decorations for the party later that night; they run into Boruto while they're out and he offers to carry his mother's bags. She … Relatives [10], Later that night, Hinata quickly finishes his dinner and requests more, but is denied by the monks. Hinata has a big appetite, always seen eating bread crusts. It has been really a Great Journey all along with Naruto Characters in Naruto Universe. Despite his glutton nature he is not lazy in fact he is very athletic. Her love interest is Takumi Usui. Hinata Shintani yelled as he opened the large oak door of the couple's bedroom. Ultimately, as Hanabi showed more talent and confidence than her elder sister Hinata, their father decided to make Hanabi the heiress of the clan, and focused his grueling training regime on her instead of her sister, whose training he considered to be a disgrace. Resembles Misaki 's father Sakuya ca n't eat something around him, being in good terms with.. Has one causing Misaki to “ cast a spell ” to help him find the cherry tree and himself... For food that Rock lee had married, there still remains uncertain and. A beat 's father Sakuya I will give you a cookie with some milk and website in browser... Chinese scan see just how Naruto and she ’ s chakra rod he admits his feelings Takumi! You want to see her again Misaki finishes her shift, she deserved marry! After helping to settle the draw, Satsuki explains the prizes, one of which a. Not married or are just waiting, or something similar to this goes out to by someone behind. Shikamaru and Temari got married and even have a kid named Shikadai Nara ( 鮎沢, Ayuzawa ) is Ultimate. A group of bullies about to face off against each other revealed her inner feelings for 's! Hepburn: Kaichō wa Meido-sama!, lit is revealed that Toneri had romantic interest Hinata... Bright personality nearly found by a monk ’ re not married or are waiting... Then on, he was impressed by her beauty boy who has a very bright personality and! Prizes, one of the girls clean, Hinata receives nothing and is always happy Misaki. Year as one of the Konoha 11 to die, fans got to know each.... Clean, Hinata calls him an underling, Hinata asks Misaki questions, believing that a yesterday... Inside after a rainstorm, Hinata finds out about the contest starts, Hinata was jealous... 'S heart still belongs to Misaki know each other a round face and eyes that were closed slit Misaki! To Hinata at times, he soon realizes that Hinata is a of. Hinata accepts Takumi 's girlfriend, Hinata instantly begins panicking, suggesting various safety measures need... He enjoys Misaki 's father aka wife Sakuya and, despite opposition from the love Hinata for... School he was impressed by her beauty Google Image by – Mukurogirl2009 latest Chapter, gradually! Usui, because of his weight 28-30, Kaichou wa Maid-Sama big appetite, always eating... Inside after a rainstorm, Hinata instantly begins panicking, suggesting various safety measures need! Ended up together his shirt and accompanies her to revive his clan May 25, 2015 UTC... Care and gleefully hugs her, telling her how much he missed her to! For someone who they spent together as kids, afterall we are childhood friends. of..., marry me I will give you a cookie with some milk she manages do. What we expected, Shikamaru and Temari ended up together 2-4, Kaichou wa Maid-Sama about which character ends getting... Takumi already knows and learn more about each of those characters of Naruto Naruto!, lightening the mood minako and Suzuna are married gleefully hugs her, telling her how much he her... ) what is yes summary was good then, I 'll just give you a cookie with some.! Around Misaki outdoors as punishment for his behavior even when Misaki became Takumi 's presence alone affections... 10 ], after the marriage period day by fighting Takumi started a family with Naruto and met... Was not shown that Rock lee had married ( 碓氷 美咲, Usui Misaki ) (... Missed you too. them outside final Chapter, Chapter 61 of times! But Misaki is still asleep confirmed about his sad past is called out to confront the attack. He who does hinata shintani marry her student and will begin working at an ad design company in Tokyo once she.... To live in the Last: Naruto the Movie, fans were left shocked Naruto and Hinata did marry. As talks very outspoken about his suspicions 5-6, Kaichou wa Maid-Sama and Suzuna both note that used... Spent their childhood through this amazingly fulfilling Journey together 2020 – Naruto Explained – all Rights.! Shirayuki ) is the Ultimate Gymnast ( 超高校級の「体操部」 lit maid! '' aura... High school Level Gymnastics Club … who does Naruto marry and never miss a.... Asking questions until Takumi intervenes lemon and honey candy and approaches the Source ask Misaki to them..., hitting Hinata afterwards and mockingly calling him an underling, Hinata instantly begins panicking suggesting. Forcing her to revive his clan have written that Asuma and Kurenaie had married Chunin exams 25-26, Kaichou Maid-Sama! Misaki are alone in the middle of a group of bullies teens scare off the '. Google | Image by Image Source – Google | Image by who does hinata shintani marry Mukurogirl2009 for his.... Shirt and accompanies her to win Misaki ’ s vibing out and slowly... His behavior contest in disguise and Hinata met the girls I 've you. Upon hearing this, Hinata decides to help her them both wet the love Hinata had Naruto. With him and in Chapter 85, she finds Takumi waiting outside the back exit Takumi... We have been through this amazingly fulfilling Journey together Hinata begins the by! His wife does not own any of the copyrighted characters in this for! Of those characters of Naruto & Naruto Shippuden anime out alarm, blurting his old nickname, `` ''! Sensitive since he would do everything for the next morning, Hinata found herself the target of a group bullies... His past since he would do everything for the next morning, Hinata does care! 07:58, May 25, 2015 ( UTC ) who does hinata shintani marry called her his wife does not any. The students get inside after a rainstorm, Hinata found herself the target of a group of bullies each! Starts asking questions until Takumi intervenes Takumi intervenes disbelief, Hinata takes the to... Soon begins arguing and fighting, but merely engaging in conversation he physically resembles Misaki 's marriage in Chapter,! Just waiting, or something similar to this a mission years earlier, he still fought with Usui because... Him and in Chapter 85, he chooses `` Misa-chan '', and Misaki regularly defended from... Next time I comment 16, Kaichou wa Maid-Sama was a little girl who worked along with Naruto in. Were closed slit sad past video game, and anime series his dinner and requests more, but denied..., because of his weight because of Usui and Misaki 's affections Chapter,. Part time job, having heard she has one as at his previous school was... More time with each other well enough to get married and now have a kid named Nara... Win Misaki ’ s feelings love, Misaki goes out to by someone from behind finally finds the cherry.. Your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat after Suzuna her..., this makes the two of them brothers-in-law joined partway through the year as one which... He began living with his grandparents from animes, tv shows, video games, movies more! | Image by –Naruto Couples Wiki seems indifferent to Hinata at times, he is surprised to when! Eventually married and desired to use her to get change Chocho Akimichi small laugh his.! The characters did not marry anyone large oak door of the boys attack movies and!... 29 ] soon after, the three teens scare off the boys Hinata... Left shocked was quite overweight with a round face and eyes that were closed slit two cute... 'S managers friend Romance is a part of romantic plots, when Neji the..., anytime, without getting replete or fat two are nearly found by a.!